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How to use Pet Thinning Scissors?

Pet Thinning Scissors

Pet Thinning Scissors are used to shape and thin the coat and trim the long hair in sensitive areas, Pet Thinning Scissors is a kind of shear that are toothed with slightly curved blades and are blunt tipped. this make it easier to trim hair around the anus and ears and muzzle. Pet Thinning Scissors are also used to blend clipped hair into scissor hair and clipped hair into unclipped hair. it can help the coat lay flat along the back and sides of pet and can generally help keep you pet tidy between clippings. Pet Thinning Scissors have many styles, choose the right one for your pet is very important, if you don't know how to pick it up, then maybe you can ask a grooming professional which type of thinning shear is appropriate for your pet’s coat.

Step one to use Pet Thinning Scissors

to put everything that you need to groom your pet on a separate table within easy reach. stand your pet in a level non-slip surface, you may use Pet Thinning Scissors grooming your pet on a table that brings your pet’s back level with your chest.

And you can use a slip leash tied to something above your pet’s head to steady him while grooming, the leash should be taut and not so tight, your pet should stand with his weight evenly distributed on all of four paws, and separate the hairs you want to remove from the rest of the coat.

Step two of using Pet Thinning Scissors

And also angle the Pet Thinning Scissors so the base of the shears are closer to your pet’s body and the tips are pointed a little bit away, and you ca cut your pet’s hair to the length that you want it to be, and work from paws up and from front to back to get your pet the most benefit.

Let the Pet Thinning Scissors cut the hair rather than trapping the hair between the blades and pulling them out. finally take a step back from your pet and see his/her entire body after several cuts to make sure you get the results that you really want. 

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