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Baoter Industrial Co., Ltd.    Baoter Industrial Co., Ltd.
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   花田漫遊 生活靖好
Great Taiwan Material Handling Co.    Great Taiwan Material Handling Co.
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浩宇資產公司,申辦房屋二胎,民間二胎,二胎貸款    浩宇資產公司,申辦房屋二胎,民間二胎,二胎貸款
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中聯台中汽機車借款/台中當舖/台中借款 台稜股份有限公司 大立機器工業股份有限公司 台中搬家公司-及第搬家貨運公司
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音字通 SMART DICT.CO.,LTD. 豐原汽機車借款-大眾當鋪 太山不動產 一加一嬰兒用品店
益林事業有限公司 優兒堡有限公司 深見企業有限公司 勞資一點通
國泰當舖/台中汽機車借款 利源台中借款當舖 浩宇資產公司,申辦房屋二胎,民間二胎,二胎貸款 軍宏電繡
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 公司 聯絡人 電話 專營項目
.Shanghai Taikang Nanochemistry Technology Limited  LinYue  0086215887157  Shanghai Taikang Nanochemistry Technology Limited is one new company which is specialized in nanochemistry technology developing, research and production. Our main product is nanoparticl drug carriers- hydroxylapatite(HAP).Silver nanowire Our product used for Toothpaste, Food, Simple Artificial bones, Artificial bones, Medical devices and Bone coating, especially as an new bone substitutes. HAP have good histocompatibility, non-toxic, non-immunogenic, and high surface area, strong bioadhesive, to combine and transfer macromolecular drugs, large amount of adsorbed drug, with the basic requirements of the drug carrier. Hydroxyapatite as drug carrier system can enhance the permeability of drugs in biological membrane, and that is good for drug transdermal absorption and exert its effects within the cell. Nano hydroxyapatite as drug carrier is very safe, because its ingredient is same with bones and teeth of people or animal, and will not dissolving into gastrointestinal fluid, it will be degradation absorbed or delivered to body outside after drug released. Besides, nano hydroxyapatite could be added radioactive element easily in the process of production, can be used for cancer inactivated. Our main products: Hydroxyapatite Series (pharma grade nano-hydroxyapatite, food grade hydroxyapatite, toothpaste grade hydroxyapatite); Nano metal oxide: silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide Cetylpyridinium chloride; Our Nano-HAP products with different applications as following: Apperance Partical size (nm) Purity(%) Usage needle-like 60nm 96% food,toothpaste needle-like 40nm 96% general,proteinisolate needle-like 20nm 97.5% artificial bone needle-like 20nm(W),150nm(L) 99% artificial bone (high pure) short clavite 30nm(W),100nm(L) 99% artificial bone,artificial joint fibrous 10nm(W),500nm(L) 99% artificial bone,artificial joint globular 12μm 99% artificial bone coating needle-like 12μm 96% food,toothpaste 
.鈦提有限公司  汪國雄  02-29113712  主要產品: 化學品:阻燃劑、特用化學品、精細化工品、添加劑、改質劑。 各種塑膠與樹脂及其色母與Masterbatches: 尼龍、聚酯、聚烯烴、PC、PC Alloys、 SEBS、TPU、 TPE、 Epoxy、EVA等。 設備及化工元件:双螺桿壓出機、環型12螺桿壓出機、紡咀濾網煮洗槽、 靜態混合器、 計重加料機、真空乾燥機、紅外綫乾燥機。 應用領域:化纖、紡織、塑膠、樹脂、電線電纜、塗料、油墨、電器電子、膠帶。